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Canoe, Kayak, & Pontoon Rentals in Dunnellon, FL

The longest running shuttle service on the Rainbow River!

Located at the confluence of the Rainbow River and the Withlacoochee River, we offer you the unique opportunity to canoe, paddleboard, kayak, or take a pontoon trip down two of the finest rivers in Florida!

From our livery at the end of the Rainbow, you simply park and ride our shuttle to the paddling destination of your choice; the crystal clear spring water of the Rainbow River, or the deep water and dense forests of the Withlacoochee River. On either trip, you will only need one shuttle and drift peacefully back to your car.     

We take pride in our full facilities at our shop which include full bathrooms, hot showers, changing stalls, footwashes, and more. 

Get 10% off with a reservation! 
We are open year round, but hours of operation vary by season and weather conditions. 
Call ahead or reserve online. 

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By law, disposable containers and alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted on the Rainbow River and are subject to heavy fines! All food and drink should be placed in a reusable, non-disposable container (Yeti Cup, Stanley cup, Tupperware, etc.)